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Training Seminar "Catalyst"

Catalyst is a dynamic and interactive leadership programme enabling young adults to realize their potential to change their communities for the better. Participants may belong to any faith, and be between 16-30 years of age. It is a 5-day training seminar preparing youth workers to deal with religious issues in their workplace, and enabling them to promote dialogue among the different religions, spiritual and humanistic traditions where conflicts are increasingly associated with religious belonging. It deals with the reciprocal interactions and influences among religions, spiritual and humanistic traditions, and the need to promote understanding between them in order to challenge ignorance and prejudices, and to foster mutual respect.

The aims of the course are:

  • To provide educational support and time for the participants to share and reflect about their own experiences and knowledge in the field of inter-religious dialogue
  • To disseminate the principles of inter-religious dialogue using different means.
  • To identify common elements in relation with other religions that help participants build common understanding
  • To help and support participants in improving their competence (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values) in the field of inter-religious dialogue.
  • To allocate space for the participants to develop project ideas in the field of inter-religious dialogue
  • To develop specific methods and necessary tools for better cooperation in the future

The course provides an opportunity for training youth workers and youth leaders who are:

  • open to enrich their knowledge and awareness regarding other cultures;
  • committed to prepare themselves for the above-mentioned subjects before their arrival
  • motivated to undergo training and able to attend the course for its full duration;
  • supported by their organization
  • able to communicate in English, which is currently the only working language


  • Seminar Leader  (Riaz Ravat, St. Philips Centre Leicester, UK)
  • Selection process
  • Venue – meeting room/s, facilities
  • Logistics for participants: transporation, accommodations, meals