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Georg Popp



BARAZA is a non-profit organization established to promote an international mindset based on tolerance in all areas of culture, religion and understanding among nations. The founding memberscome from various countries and walks of life, with many years of involvement in the field.

Baraza is Swahili for “meeting place” or “council.” It is a place of public audience or reception, a veranda, a stone seat in an entrance hall, a bench against the outside wall of a house, a raised platform roofed over in front of a house. It is a space to receive visitors, hold an audience, transact business, and allow people to gather on a regular basis. Informal or formal, a baraza represents a broad range of settings where people converge to hold conversations, discuss issues and try to solve problems.

Our Mission

BARAZA's international team provides a global platform for transcultural and interfaith dialogue. We believe in ideals of Acceptance, Understanding, and Coexistence. Supported by our network of knowledgeable experts, we invest in education, we create real-world encounters, and we build thriving partnerships.

Our Vision

BARAZA envisions a future where transcultural and interfaith dialogue has influenced a new generation of global leaders, whose policy-making and actions are grounded human values.

Our Goals

  • To help individuals empathize with others by using formal educational projects that respond to the needs of society and the individual;
  • To counter ingrained prejudices by facilitating intercultural dialogue;
  • To create and facilitate positive and constructive dialogue between diverse religions and cultures;
  • To promote culture as a tool in the acceptance and understanding of diversity;
  • To create and foster projects which promote mutual understanding, acceptance and peaceful coexistence;
  • To provide opportunities for corporations to achieve their social responsibility goals;
  • To support Oman’s initiative promoting tolerance, understanding and coexistence.

BARAZA is financed from contributions, donations and grants. Individuals and companies interested in supporting the BARAZA’s mission and work may be recognized as BARAZA members. To becomem a member please use the contact information provided below.


Georg Popp