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The Executive Board of BARAZA e.V.

President Georg Popp
Founding member of BARAZA, Managing Director of Arabia Felix Synform GmbH, from 2009 to 2018 Secretary general of the German-Omani Association, visual artist, entrepreneur, photographer and author of the first Oman travel guide published in Germany. Since 2010 responsible for the conception and management of the global project "Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence: Oman's Message of Islam"  - Contact:presidentbarazango

Vice President Catherine-Kanthar Thiounn
Franco-Cambodian, retired, has been a Board member, since early 2018, of the Association of Friends of Master Chin Kung at UNESCO (PAHD) of The World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) recognized by and having its offices in the premises of UNESCO. This association contributes through its activities to peace and harmony in the world through inter-religious education. Prior to 2018, Ms. Thiounn was responsible for the activities and liaison of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA). During her active life, Ms. Thiounn was a member of the UNESCO secretariat in Paris as executive assistant, successively in the social and human sciences sector, then with the presidents of the General Conference, thus allowing her a good knowledge of UNESCO and the UN systems. Kontakt: infobarazango

Vice President Juma Al-Maskari
Omani citizen living in Germany, IT-specialist, Advisor for Communication of the German-Omani Association and founding member of BARAZA. Since the 1980s active in the cultural mediation between the Islamic and Western world. Advisor to the project "Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence: Oman's Message of Islam"  - Contact: infobarazango


Secretary General Riaz Ravat
Deputy Director of St Philip’s Centre (UK) which promotes interfaith understanding by working with communities, corporate organisations and schools. He serves as an expert advisor/member to many other bodies.  - Contact: secgeneralbarazango

Treasurer (Wolfgang) Alexander Moll
Founding member of BARAZA, Treasurer of the German-Omani Association, organizer of a variety of Oman exhibitions since 2001, even these of the project "Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence: Oman's Message of Islam"  - Contact: financebarazango