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Karimah Stauch

Europakoordinatorin United Religions Initiative (URI)

Karimah Stauch holds an MA degree in Economics, her published thesis "An Empirical Study of Islamic culture in Germany with special consideration of women’s issues," and an MA degree in Islamic Studies at University of Bonn. Since 2003 she is the European co-ordinator of the URI and member of URI's European Executive Committee. She is also vice president of the German Muslim-League Bonn; a founding member of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, member of the Council of the Sufi order "Tariqah As-Safinah," vice president of the Christian-Islamic Society (URI Europe), London/Brussels/Antwerp; on the planning team for the “Standing Conference of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe;” member of the advisory board and adviser for Islamic questions for the ESWTR (European Society of Women in Theological Research)Deutschland; and DMLBonn’s delegate to the Muslim Council Bonn.