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Announcing BARAZA and UN Day for Living Together in Peace

"BARAZA intends to pioneer methods and approaches which can build and sustain positive interactions between people because BARAZA is optimistic about how our world can be.

BARAZA's launch coincides with the new ‘UN Day of Living Together in Peace’. This symbolises what BARAZA is about with neighbourhoods, communities and nations where people, regardless of background, can live, work, learn and socialise together.

I have joined BARAZA because it is underpinned by the shared values which so many of the world’s religions and beliefs promote. BARAZA intends to foster greater appreciation of humanity and to pursue a progressive interfaith agenda."

Riaz Ravat BEM DL - UK

Member of the Advisory Board of Baraza e.V.,
Deputy Director, St. Philip's Centre
Leicester, UK

"We live in a time which has been called 'Anthropocene' because human beings, for the first time in history, have the power to impact the entire planet and all life on it, for better or worse.

It is critical that we cooperate as humans, get to know each other, respect each other, and create peaceful solutions to any issues.

We are very happy to join hands with Baraza e.V., develop joint projects, and we whole-heartedly support the International Day of Living Together in Peace on May 16."

Karimah K. Stauch

Member of the Advisory Board of Baraza e.V.,
European Coordinator of the United Religions Initiative (URI),
Chair of DMLB (German Muslim-League Bonn e.V.),
On the Board of URI Germany

"It is a pleasure to join the BARAZA international effort. Such networks, together with hundreds of local efforts, will contribute to the goal of living together in peace.

This is only accomplished by coming together to listen and learn from each other. It requires a spirit of respect and willingness to see the world through the eyes of someone who is not like me, doesn’t look like me, dress or worship like me. Our religious traditions teach us that someone not in my image is still a person created in the image of God. Respect for the humanity of each person is the beginning step in Living Together in Peace."

Douglas Kindschi, Ph.D.

Member of the Advisory Board of Baraza e.V.,
Director, Kaufman Interfaith Institute
University Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“The premise to live peacefully is the recognition of the other as your equal. Without this recognition, peace will never be authentic. Within this context, the various religious beliefs and spiritualties must play an essential role. The ambition of the "Day for living together in Peace" must be centered at the heart of the community and planetary life. That’s what we hope for.”

Enric Olivé-Serret

Member of the Advisory Board of Baraza e.V.,
Distinguished Professor. Full professor
Unesco Chair of intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean. URV Tarragona, Spain

"I am honored and pleased to join Baraza`s  advisory board, because there is a deep alignment and synergy between the vision and goal of Baraza and that of my organization, the Museum of World Religions, to foster respect, understanding, friendship and cooperation between people of all faiths, cultures and traditions through interreligious and cultural dialogue, developing educational programs and activities with a special focus on young leadership.

The UN day of “living together in Peace” is very significant because it creates a global awareness of and genuine hope in the very possibility of “living together in peace” which is THE vital and urgent need of our day, and we are given this hope even more so because there are countries, institutions and people behind it who are committed to make this possibility a reality."

Maria Reis Habito

Member of the Advisory Board of Baraza e.V.,
International Program Director
Museum of World Religions, Taipei, Taiwan

"The UN Day of Living Together in Peace is celebrated on May 16. We fully support its message: as people we are meant to peacefully coexist, complement each other, get to know each other, learn about each others' perspectives and find peaceful solutions in case of any conflicts.
We fully share Baraza's ideals of peace, tolerance, understanding, just balance and co-existence. We are happy about its work and we are fully willing to cooperate and combine efforts to put these ideals into practice."

Sheikh BASHIR Ahmad Dultz

Associate of BARAZA e.V.,
Founding member of URI global,
On the board of URI Europe,
Chair of URI Germany e.V.

"BARAZA" means

"council" or "meeting place" in Swahili. A baraza can be an informal meeting or an official council. In spatial terms it is a place where people meet to chat, exchange ideas, and solve problems.


an independent, non-profit organization, founded by the same team which is responsible for the concept, realization and organization of the international touring exhibition  "Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence."

BARAZA offers

an international digital platform to promote dialogue and understanding between peoples. Working hand in hand with  international experts we develop ideas and projects, and present them to patrons and sponsors.