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Youth Training Programme "UNITY "

► Introduction

UNITY stands for Understand Navigate Inclusive Teamwork and You

UNITY is our flagship, exciting and inspiring life skills programme for young people. UNITY will build self-confidence and provide an encounter-based learning environment which will create citizens who are open-minded, skilled and resilient to face some of society's challenges. It is a scheme which will equip young people for life.

UNITY is a society-rooted scheme which will promote positive values of integration, make the participants economic assets by acquiring strong skills for employment or volunteering and enable them to appreciate equality and diversity in their communities.

UNITY will enable participants to promote positive relations between different religions, spiritual and humanistic traditions. It will foster networking and mutual respect. Participants may belong to any faith or belief to participate.

► Experience

UNITY is led by Baraza member Sharen Ravat. Sharen has extensive experience of working with young people in the UK through her role in leading a multi-faith chaplaincy service in one of the largest further education colleges in the country and in her current post where she educates children and young adults on life skills and well-being. .

In July 2019, the forerunner to UNITY which was called Kompass, took place over a week at the SABEL Schule in Munich for 22 pupils aged 15-16. The feedback we received was so positive that we committed ourselves to expanding the scheme. In July 2021 and 2022, a "Train the Teachers" programme was run for teachers at SABEL Schule in Munich which enabled teachers to run UNITY modules for 5th and 6th grade (ages 10 – 12) students themselves.

► Background

UNITY was initially modelled on Catalyst – a UK government sponsored leadership programme run by Near Neighbours through St Philip’s Centre. This national scheme worked with colleges to provide effective education to young people on issues of democracy, employability and values. UNITY has evolved considerably now with wider age ranges supported and new content created.

► UNITY Programmes in detail

How does UNITY work?
► see our currently available UNITY programmes
► Reports on the teacher training in July 2021 at the SABEL School Munich
► Reports on the teacher training in July 2022 at the SABEL School Munich

► Goals

The programme goals of UNITY are designed to enable students to:

  • Develop a positive identity, the confidence, character and appreciation of liberty to live well in democratic, freedom based multi-faith, multi-ethnic societies
  • Develop the practical skills and experience to play their part in building a strong civil society and which will also enhance their employability
  • Develop the confidence/commitment to act as agents of change for the common good in their locality over the long term
  • Fulfil their unique potential whilst being at ease with themselves and others

► Specifically UNITY will:

  • Provide educational support and time for the participants to share and reflect about their own identities, experiences and knowledge
  • Identify commonality elements in relation with other religions and cultures that help participants build common understanding
  • Allocate space for the participants to develop social project ideas

► Participants

UNITY provides an opportunity for training students who are:

  • Open to enrich their knowledge and awareness regarding other cultures
  • Disciplined to undergo learning
  • Committed and motivated to improving society
  • Able to attend the course for its full duration supported by their organisation
  • Able to communicate in English

► Partners

UNITY will help schools and colleges to:

  • Identify and support emerging leaders who are potential ambassadors for their institutions
  • Create a positive and inclusive atmosphere on campus and in local communities which rejects intolerance and prejudice

    If you belong to a school or college and might be interested
    in our range of UNITY programmes, please contact Baraza.