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Card Set "World Religions"

Improving the basic knowledge of youth about religions

To improve the younger generation's basic knowledge about six of the most important religions of the world, we developed the prototype of a card game. It is intended to be distributed in schools as a classroom tool for teachers, and also for use in the private sphere. The prototype has already been distributed to schools in Leicester for testing and review. Once this phase is over, we will offer it to sponsors, to have it translated into various languages, and produced in large numbers for distribution.

The card set has been produced as a partnership between Georg Popp (Germany), Riaz Ravat (UK), Mohammed Said Al-Mamari (Sultanate of Oman) and Barbara Wolff (Germany). We acknowledge the following whose assistance has enabled these information cards to be produced – Sharen Ravat, Professor Revd Richard Bonney, Rabbi Mark Solomon, Priest Hemang Bhatt, Kartar Singh Bring, Ramesh Bellur and the St Philip’s Centre.
The information included is not exhaustive and is subject to personal interpretation and regional/national variation. However, it has been widely researched using appropriate sources.

The religions included are: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism

The card set provides basic information about:

  • Symbols
  • Places of Worship
  • Holy Books
  • Holy Days
  • Dress
  • Spiritual Leaders
  • Holy Places
  • Features
  • Diet