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Teacher Training 2022


Baraza is pleased to report that in July 2022, we held another two-day UNITY teacher training programme for staff of Sabel School in Munich, Germany.

This year’s teacher training course will enable staff to run weekly UNITY content for every 6th grade child attending Sabel School from the new academic year which begins in September 2022.

In 2021-22, every 5th grade child received weekly UNITY sessions and this now builds on that excellent start.

UNITY stands for Understand Navigate Inclusive Teamwork and You.It is our flagship, exciting and inspiring life skills programme for young people which builds self-confidence and provides an encounter-based learning environment for schoolchildren. UNITY will create citizens who are open-minded, skilled and resilient to face some of society's challenges. It is a scheme which will equip young people for life.

Sharen Ravat - Baraza UNITY lead, delivered the training which enabled teachers to receive early sight of some of the 6th grade module content. The session subjects which the teachers discussed covered bullying, self-confidence and war.

The two-days also provided invaluable feedback on how the 5th grade modules had been received by the staff, children and their parents who reported extremely high rates of satisfaction.

Sarah Hellmich, a teacher at Sabel School said:
“Today my pupils, asked me 'Can we do some UNITY today???? Please!!!!
“Thank you for giving me the possibility to do something with the kids of which they themselves feel, that it's useful to them and thank you for your lively, JOYFUL and friendly communicative way of conveying it to us. It's always a pleasure and always profitable in a special way”.

Sandro Stahlmann, part of the ‘All Day Education’ provision at SABEL School added:
“As always, the contact was very appreciative, friendly and conveyed values…You [Sharen] specifically address the individual participants, ask questions and involve everyone. You do the moderation very well.

“The modules you [Sharen] have worked out are pretty much self-explanatory. You immediately know how and why the module is set up that way, or what you mean by it. Those who know the Unity values and step up every day to advance the students in their development understand these connections…it motivates me and involves me”.

Thanks to Florian Schroder – Sabel UNITY lead who organised the programme.

If you belong to a school or college and might be interested in our range of UNITY programmes, please contact Baraza: secgeneralbarazango