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School Exchange Program between Germany and Oman

Since 2010 members of BARAZA e.V. support the yearly student exchange between Germany and the Sultanate of Oman. In October 2019 again students from Muscat will come for a visit to Munich.

Our world is growing closer and closer together. In today's world one needs intercultural skills in order to successfully and appropriately cooperate with individuals and groups from other cultures, and in order  to live and work together. Respect, appreciation and knowledge of everyday practices in other cultures are essential in the long term to successfully conduct business and to live together in a peaceful world. Schools should already be preparing young people for this.

The Sabel Schools in Munich and the Ahmad bin Majid Private School Muscat are doing just that, in cooperation with and the support of the German-Omani Association.

Since 2010 the students and teachers of the two schools have participated in mutual exchange during alternating annual visits. In addition to the days spent in Omani and German schools the children also learn about family life through their host families, and together participate in exciting excursion programs, in which the students glean a deep insight into the culture and religion of the host country.

Presentations and intensive discussions deal with Arab and German life, culture and tradition. Several months of preparation spent in advance of the visit to the host country were an important factor for the success of the exchange program.

Download report about the exchange 2010 to 2016 by Ahmad bin Majid Private School