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1. Heritage for Reconciliation in Syria

Dr. Nour Salameh, UNESCO CHAIR for Inter-Cultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean, Tarragona, Spain

The first webinar in Baraza - URI Europe webinar series was titled “Heritage for Reconciliation in Syria” and it was held on 2nd February. Three grassroots associations born during the Syrian conflict are intruduced to the audience, who have attempted to save Syria’s collective memory and are hoping that this will contribute towards the healing of this deeply wounded country. The webinar was organized in cooperation with Baraza adviser Prof. Enric Olivé Serret, who holds the UNESCO CHAIR for Inter-Cultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean, Tarragona, Spain.


Speakers were:

Mr. Juan Delgado, Founder of Qisetna: Talking Syria. Qisetna is the Arabic word for ‘Our Story’ and it is a non-political social, inclusive and cultural project aiming to engage Syrians and people with a connection to Syria to share their stories. This collaborative project, which began in 2013, offers the public an insight into both the wider culture and personal narratives within the Syrian refugee community.

You can read more about the Qisetn project on the website: 

Mr. Bisher Al Issa, Founder of Mirath Initiative. This project aims to monitor and assess the situation of cultural heritage in Syria and the Greater Middle East. It is dedicated to defending the importance of cultural heritage as a tool to bridge people’s differences and contribute to peacebuilding. One of Mirath’s outstanding projects is Palmyra’s Virtual Museum.

Visit Palmyra’s Virtual Museum website:

Mr. Abdulwahab Alali, Nefes for Culture and Art. The association was founded by young Syrians and Turks, specializing in music and arts. It wants to present itself as an intercultural group that transcends traditional artistic styles but respects the strength and depth of a rich cultural heritage.

Nefes association website:
Nefes Music School Facebook page:
Nawab band Facebook page:
Visit also the YouTube Channel of Nawa Band