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In cooperation with our international partners, at specific conferences convened in recent years in the context of the Tolerance Initiative of Oman, we have developed a series of projects aimed at promoting mutual understanding, peaceful coexistence, and religious tolerance.

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BARAZA promotes mutual understanding, peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance through various means, including:

  • Seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and informational events

  • Sharing by persons and institutions of renown on successful intercultural and interreligious dialogue

  • Activities and materials designed to improve mutual understanding among cultures and religions

  • Exchange programs for scientists, journalists, artists, students, youth and others

  • Exhibitions and cultural events

  • International cooperation among institutions, organizations, personages, scholars and others

  • Collecting and sharing positive examples of efforts leading to more harmonious relations among peoples

We are, however, also open to new project ideas, which may be presented to and discussed with us, in order that we may assist in the concept and realization, or to assume. the sponsorship if necessary.

To realize these goals, however, we need not only your ideas but also your financial support as a  member, donor or sponsor.