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Colouring Book World Religions

for kids age 5+

Of the thousands of colouring books available for children, only a few deal with religion, tending to depict only one religion. This colouring book is unique in bringing together the most widespread faiths: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

Making young children familiar with some very basic knowledge about those religions on an egalitarian level, such as symbols and places of worship creates a basis to encourage religious tolerance and respect for common values.

The concept of this small multilingual booklet is to link children’s natural passion for drawing and puzzles with a positive educational experience. The motto therefore is “Have fun learning about the world‘s major religions with these creative designs and simple challenges!”


1. Edition:  English, German, Spanish and Swahili
2. Edition: ➤ English, Arabic, French, Chinese
3. Edition:  English, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian
4. Edition:  English, Bosnian, Macedonian, Albanian
5. Edition:  English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malayu
6. Edition:  English, French, German and Italian

All editions are available as a ►hard copy through BARAZA.

All content was developped by BARAZA in cooperation with graphic designer Barbara Wolff and under the guidance of Riaz Ravat, vice-director of St Philip‘s Centre, UK  which is a partner to the project “Oman’s Message of Islam.”

The print of the first edition was supported by MARK Tours LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
The second edition was supported by the Association of Master Chin Kung Friends at UNESCO for Peace and Harmony Development (PAHD). Paris, France
The third and fourth edition was supported by URI Europe and the Angela and Helmut Six Foundation for Understanding among Nations, Munich, Germany
 The sixth edition was supported by "Haus der Religionen - Dialog der Kulturen", Bern, Switzerland

We would be happy to see the booklet to be spread around the world and used in schools or other educational instutions as well as at home for fun!

The printed coloring book, bound and with full-color cover, can be ordered for a nominal fee of EUR 4.90 per copy (incl. 7% VAT / dispatch not included). Send your request to infobarazango. The minimum order is 10 copies.