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Youth Training Programme "UNITY "

The pilot seminar of the UNITY program for youth, developed by Baraza advisor Riaz Ravat, together with Baraza member Florian Schröder, took place at the Sabel Schule in Munich over 3 days in July with 22 pupils aged 15-16. The follow-up program currently under development is "Teach the Teachers." From the point of view of the school, it would be ideal to implement the program in each class and grade continuously.

The program will now be further developed and modified on the basis of the experience gained so as to be able to tackle the training of teachers as multipliers as soon as possible.

► Introduction

UNITY is an exciting, interactive and inspirational life skills programme which will enable students to realise their potential to change their communities for the better.

UNITY is a society-rooted scheme which will boost self-confidence, promote positive values of integration, make the participants economic assets through employability skills and enhance their ability to deliver social action.

UNITY will enable participants to promote positive relations between different religions, spiritual and humanistic traditions. It will foster networking and mutual respect. Participants may belong to any faith or belief to participate.

► Background

UNITY is modelled on Catalyst - the highly successful UK government sponsored leadership programme run by Near Neighbours and their partners. This national scheme worked with colleges to provide effective education to young people on issues of democracy, employability and values.

► Detail

Session content includes:

  • Critical thinking
  • Customer / people service
  • ‘Dual Democracy’
  • Networking and team building
  • Job skills
  • Presentation/ Communication skills
  • Decision making
  • Respect and understanding
  • Leadership styles

► Goals

The programme goals of UNITY are designed to enable students to:

  • Develop a positive identity, the confidence, character and appreciation of liberty to live well in a democratic, multi-faith, multi-ethnic Germany
  • Develop the practical skills and experience to play their part in building a strong civil society and which will also enhance their employability
  • Develop the confidence/commitment to act as agents of change for the common good in their locality over the long term
  • Fulfil their unique potential whilst being at ease with themselves and others

► Specifically UNITY will:

  • Provide educational support and time for the participants to share and reflect about their own identities, experiences and knowledge
  • Identify commonality elements in relation with other religions and cultures that help participants build common understanding
  • Allocate space for the participants to develop social project ideas

► Participants

UNITY provides an opportunity for training students who are:

  • Open to enrich their knowledge and awareness regarding other cultures
  • Disciplined to undergo training
  • Committed and motivated to improving society
  • Able to attend the course for its full duration supported by their organisation
  • Able to communicate in English

► Partners

UNITY will help schools and colleges to:

  • Identify and support emerging leaders who are potential ambassadors for their institutions
  • Create a positive and inclusive atmosphere on campus which rejects intolerance and prejudice